So lately I’ve been wondering what do I really want in life, I know I want to follow my passion but even to pursue your passion, there has to be a “why”, a reason to why you want to do what you want to do. I’ve been a dreamer since I was a kid, imagining what I will be doing in the future and never thinking of “what if I don’t make it”. However lately since I’ve been home for the summer break, I’ve been very unproductive and not been able to even find a “normal job”, my own expectation of me has accumulated to view myself as a failure, which is why I’ve been asking myself what does really motivate me?

This video was not planned in any way, my girlfriend and I went to Folkestone, Kent just before the sunset and I thought to express what has been on my mind lately.


I’ll be going into third year of my uni, and I still feel lost as ever.

Some people seem to be motivated by money, some by fame and others by a sense of security.

But me… I don’t know what motives me.

I mean, I do enjoy learning, not just by books.

It could be anything, from films to real life experiences.

I love those little moments in life.

I love listening to other people.

I love observing life.

I just love to feel.

I don’t know exactly what I want in life.

But I know for sure, what I don’t… and that is to stay still.

I guess, I’m motivated by… growth.