Reflective Video – 201MC Professional Experience

One of the final tasks for 201MC “Professional Experience” module, involved making a video no longer than 2mins reflecting upon my own experience in the “real world”.

The idea behind it was to reflect, identify challenges that relate to our chosen profession, learn to collate our research and supporting material into a coherent whole, articulate our own desires and ambitions in a media world, realize how much can be told in a 2-minute long video and to be aware how different styles of film-making affect the viewer’s understanding.

My idea was to introduce four different scenes, one being awakened by sound of someone’s footsteps and getting up to work on this video, then cutting to three other different short scenes relating to confidence, purpose and patience, each with different actors and then cutting back to the first one working on the video but making sure all the scenes link to each other. However, due to leaving it to the last week, and equipment not being available (really wanted to test Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6k), also the location being too far for my actors (housemates who had exams), I had to think of a plan B.

Plan B, was a simple idea, walking upstairs in very low light not being aware of where it might take but learning something new with each step, each floor, each struggle. If I had to do it again then I would’ve portrayed doors as opportunities.

Looking back at it, the first idea was too big, and I’ve learnt that big doesn’t always mean the best, a simple small idea can be more appropriate depending on the project.

I tried my best to show on the video what I’ve learnt through my various placements this year, and if it still isn’t clear then I’ve done a bad job.



Curated Exhibition – 201MC

One of our module 201MC “Professional Experience” required us to organize an exhibition, showcasing our work made in the past.


For this project most people from my course worked in groups, some were about photography, some fan-fiction, dreams, instagram and so on. However I did not have a specific film that I wanted to show, may be that is the reason why I didn’t have a specific group that I wanted to work with as every group had a specific theme. This resulted in, my own work being the theme, in other words have the whole exhibition showcasing only my work which included short docs, travel videos and short-short films.

The Venue
There’s always an objective when organizing exhibitions, sometimes it can be to inspire the younger generations, sometimes to raise awareness, sometimes to express an opinion or thought, sometimes to gain more exposure and so on. I felt like I didn’t have enough work or good quality work to organize a proper exhibition open to the public. In the end I used this project hoping to network with people from other years in my course or people from other courses. I used this as an opportunity to network with like-minded students.

My main goal was to gain more filmmaking opportunities from this so to attract people involved in film projects I created a simple poster with my logo/symbol on it and have only neccesary information on it for example who, what, when and where, using few words as possible. I posted many of these posters around the Ellen Terry building, as that is where the film students have their classes. I also designed an A6 size flyer containing a brief description about the films that was to be shown and an email for people to contact just incase they were looking for an crew/assistant for their film projects. To make it a bit more professional I orded 130gsm silk paper A6 size flyers online using Visaprint’s services.


The Exhibition
Before the actual exhibition, I had to carry out multiple tests with the equipment such as projector, speakers, the venue. I also asked the reception in Ellen Terry for permission and they had no problem with it. On the day of the exhibition, I rearranged the seats of the venue to make them facing the screen/projected area, and utilized as much space as possible. A lot of my friends turned up aswell, after putting the poster on social media. People from my course popped in and most importantly people that I don’t know also popped in from time to time. It was a good experience as I got to hear feedback from some of the audience and share contact information with some.


At first I thought it was a good idea to do the exhibition on my own at Ellen Terry Building (Faculty of Arts & Humanities) however after going to watch some of my colleagues’ exhibition I realized how I was limiting myself, my ideas. I loved how other groups incorporated not only films but drama and artworks into the exhibition, creating an experience for the audiences. If I had to do it again, I would definitely do it outside university, even if I was targeting the 3rd year students; I would use social media to promote the exhibtion and be more confident about my work, making it available for the public rather than just targetting students from Ellen Terry Building.