Finding Balance/ time waits for no one.

After observing other people’s lives and listening to lot of older people’s advices I knew that I wanted to do something I love as my career but lately I’ve been trying so hard to keep myself busy being productive that I’ve lost sense of time. It has become a routine to finish all the tasks set out the day before, leaving no time to wander off and relax. I remember during summer when I used to relax too much that I used to stress about not doing anything productive. But once the uni has started I have kept myself busy forcing myself to even schedule my sleeping and waking up time.

Never been able to find that balance.

But this week, especially today, I have broken the schedule. I have been watching YouTube videos since 11pm and as I am writing this, it is 5:47am and I have not felt this free in a long time, not worrying about the tasks but just doing whatever the hell I want.

Pursuing your dreams is certainly a marathon, everyone has to go at their own pace but I have learnt that I need to slow down every now and then otherwise what good is it if I achieve my dream but don’t enjoy the journey.

On another note, here’s a video I made for one of my uni project which falls in the same topic (Inspired by the fact that most elderly people regret the chances they did not take or the things they did not do), I wanted to re-edit the footage that I gave up on and did not release it on YouTube.


Message From People in Coventry

Inspired by the concept of “A Message in a Bottle” and Humans of New York, I decided do a project asking people of Coventry to leave a message in front of a camera.

The objective was to build a communication bridge between people who want to say something to the other person or even themselves but due to physical or mental restrictions they can’t do so.

How the idea came up
As a human being we love to communicate, more importantly express how we feel about certain things or about someone. However sometimes we feel restricted because of certain things for example we don’t have enough courage to say it in person, the timing is not right, the other person has already passed away, you feel like you need to let it out but not to people that you know, or you don’t know how to get in touch with the other person. The aim of this project was to overcome these restrictions.

After the video was shot and edited together, it was exhibited at the Glass Box Gallery on 13th March 2017 with other Media Production students who did a project on Humans Of Coventry. Overall the exhibition was successful and received positive feedback.

The project was also an experiment if people had something that they wanted to get off their chest because experts at Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Rochester showed that people who bottle up their emotions are in higher risk of premature death, 35% to be exact.

To overcome this issue, I’m planning to carry on the project but instead of “Message From People In Coventry”, it will be “Message From People On Earth”, and people will be asked to send message anonymously via To implement the concept of “A Message in a Bottle”, the messages will be released on an Instagram account @peoplesmessages.

Curated Exhibition – 201MC

One of our module 201MC “Professional Experience” required us to organize an exhibition, showcasing our work made in the past.


For this project most people from my course worked in groups, some were about photography, some fan-fiction, dreams, instagram and so on. However I did not have a specific film that I wanted to show, may be that is the reason why I didn’t have a specific group that I wanted to work with as every group had a specific theme. This resulted in, my own work being the theme, in other words have the whole exhibition showcasing only my work which included short docs, travel videos and short-short films.

The Venue
There’s always an objective when organizing exhibitions, sometimes it can be to inspire the younger generations, sometimes to raise awareness, sometimes to express an opinion or thought, sometimes to gain more exposure and so on. I felt like I didn’t have enough work or good quality work to organize a proper exhibition open to the public. In the end I used this project hoping to network with people from other years in my course or people from other courses. I used this as an opportunity to network with like-minded students.

My main goal was to gain more filmmaking opportunities from this so to attract people involved in film projects I created a simple poster with my logo/symbol on it and have only neccesary information on it for example who, what, when and where, using few words as possible. I posted many of these posters around the Ellen Terry building, as that is where the film students have their classes. I also designed an A6 size flyer containing a brief description about the films that was to be shown and an email for people to contact just incase they were looking for an crew/assistant for their film projects. To make it a bit more professional I orded 130gsm silk paper A6 size flyers online using Visaprint’s services.


The Exhibition
Before the actual exhibition, I had to carry out multiple tests with the equipment such as projector, speakers, the venue. I also asked the reception in Ellen Terry for permission and they had no problem with it. On the day of the exhibition, I rearranged the seats of the venue to make them facing the screen/projected area, and utilized as much space as possible. A lot of my friends turned up aswell, after putting the poster on social media. People from my course popped in and most importantly people that I don’t know also popped in from time to time. It was a good experience as I got to hear feedback from some of the audience and share contact information with some.


At first I thought it was a good idea to do the exhibition on my own at Ellen Terry Building (Faculty of Arts & Humanities) however after going to watch some of my colleagues’ exhibition I realized how I was limiting myself, my ideas. I loved how other groups incorporated not only films but drama and artworks into the exhibition, creating an experience for the audiences. If I had to do it again, I would definitely do it outside university, even if I was targeting the 3rd year students; I would use social media to promote the exhibtion and be more confident about my work, making it available for the public rather than just targetting students from Ellen Terry Building.


I See Myself As An Artist (261MC)



When people think of boxing, they think of it as a combat sport where one has to win by punching the other. They definitely don’t see it in the same category as an art. However Bishal, a 20 years old boxer begs to differ, he sees it as an art; he sees himself as an artist.

“Painting on a canvas with two different brushes. The one who leaves the most paint wins, but at the end the paint itself is an art.” – Bishal Rai.

Throughout the 3-minute film you get acquainted with the character in all his environments: his home, his paths, his training life, but most importantly his perception.